1. Are there any additional administration fees to pay if I rent a property from you?No, none at all!

2. When should I start looking for a property?The earlier you look, the more chance you will have to secure a good property. Many students will start viewing properties in November for the following year.

3. When can I move in to property?You can move in at any time after the start of the tenancy. However, most students move in during September and therefore only have to pay half-rent for the first eight weeks.

In some circumstances it may not be possible to move in before the start of term if a property is undergoing building works. However, this will be made clear at the outset.

4. Can I live in one of your properties if I’m not a full-time student?Yes, but you will be responsible for any Council Tax applying to that property. You may be entitled to some discount if you are the only person living there who is not a full-time student.

5. Does my guarantor have to be a parent?No. A guarantor is usually a parent but in principle it can be any UK home-owner.

6. How do I know my deposit is safe?You are also covered by a deposit protection scheme. For more details visit www.my|deposits.co.uk.

7. What is the holding deposit?This simply enables you to reserve a property if you find a house you like. It is returnable once all proposed tenants have signed the Tenancy Agreement.

8. Do I get a discount over the summer?Yes. You only pay half-rent during the first eight weeks so long as the property is unoccupied, plus you can still store some of your possessions there.

9. What comes in a Welcome Hamper?It comprises mainly of luxury goods, plus a few practical items that new tenant groups would typically club together to buy having just moved in.

10. Can we pay different amounts for different rooms?Yes. With prior agreement, as a group, you may choose to apportion the total rent payable in a different way, if for instance members of your group particularly like (or don’t like) a particular bedroom.

11. How close are your properties to supermarketsAll houses are within very close walking distance to a supermarket.

12. How convenient are your properties to the Waterside Campus?All properties are either within easy walking distance or right on a bus route heading there.

13. Can I bring my car?Yes. All properties are situated on roads where parking permits are not required.

14. When will I get my deposit back?Deposit are returnable within 21 days of the end of the tenancy. However, in practice, it is generally sooner.

15. What if my circumstances change and I do not want to move in?If the tenancy period has not yet begun, and there is enough time, then this is possible, but you are responsible for finding a suitable replacement in order that a new Tenancy Agreement can be created and signed by everyone before the tenancy start date.

16. What if I want to move out after the tenancy has started?This is still possible, and a number of options are potentially available, but it will depend on the specific circumstances and the co-operation/wishes of the other tenants. Ultimately you must remember that the Tenancy Agreement signed is legally binding and joint & several.

17. What is Accreditation?To ensure that a property meets the minimum standards of safety and facilities it is extremely important to check that a property and/or landlord is accredited.

18. Where can I get information about you?You can make your own enquiries with the National Landlords Association and DASH Services with regard to Accreditation. You may also be able to obtain information from Northampton Borough Council and the Private Sector Housing Department at The University.

19. What do I get in an en-suite?Each en-suite comprises a shower cubicle with sliding or pivot glass doors, a low level wc and wash hand basin. Also included is a mirror, shaver socket, wall cabinet, toilet roll holder, toilet brush, bin, towel rail, hook and extractor fan. All en-suites feature pumped high pressure showers.